Inspiration is Everywhere and Everything

I got a notification on Facebook that it’s been two years since I’ve graduated from college and I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how much I’ve grown since. I had an old friend message me recently and ask about how I got into living my life the way I do and it made me think about how it is that I do live it. What I seek out in order to keep doing what I love. I definitely live for what I’m passionate for and not for money, I live for what I want now instead of my college years when I felt like I was living based on society’s expectations. I figure I can always make my life work around what I love. And my first response was to say that I find the things that make me happy and do that. Then I thought about that. Of course happiness is great, but it is not a permanent thing. We are always feeling different emotions, it’s who we are. There is so much going on in this world that we are meant to feel every emotion and that’s what makes our lives beautiful (it’s something I’ve been learning just this year).

So what I seek out instead, is what inspires me. What reminds me of my passions, why I’m here on this planet, why I want to keep working every day to do good, why I want to keep exploring, why I work every day to be a better person. Because if I’m always being given inspiration, I can handle any emotion. Of course the happiness is in plenties, because I’m doing what I love. But to be inspired helps get you through everything. No matter what you’re feeling- happiness, sadness, exhaustion, frustration, if you have something that is always inspiring you, it fuels you through whatever state of existing you are in. It motivates you to continue your happiness, get beyond your frustration or reminds you that the exhaustion is worth it. If you live a life filled with inspiration, you feel you can do anything and regardless of the emotion, there is an always present fulfillment and contentment, your life always has purpose. I’m inspired by nature, travel, kids, teaching, spreading compassion, family, animals. What inspires you?


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