Love Your Darkness, Cast Your Light

I’d never seen my shadow cast like this before!🌒To the point where I was looking out from the top of a mountain to see my shadow doing the same. It was a neat perspective to see yourself standing on top of a mountain in that way. Knowing that because you were on top of the world, because you made it to that high point, the earth was able to capture you and show it to you. Not through a picture of yourself that you saw later, but right there in front of you, a tangible view of yourself, your imprint on the earth while you’re still present. It felt empowering⛰Standing there looking at the shape we created on the planet. Thinking about the shadow we cast on the earth, literally and metaphorically✨ I’ve been thinking about my shadow side a lot lately. The parts of ourself that we aren’t proud of, that we feel are hardest to love. Reactions and insecurities that our own personal histories have caused in us. I’ve felt some of mine rearing their head lately and it’s been a battle to keep them under control. To quiet the monkey mind, if you will🙊To accept that though these parts feel unloveable, they need the most love. We may feel they make us ugly, but they make us beautiful because they make us who we are. They may make us feel weak, but they really show the strength and power we have and have had to use to overcome the incidents that caused these insecurities in the first place💫We always see ourselves so differently from the way others see us. I am so lucky to say that now I have people in my life who make me feel that my shadow side is worthy and beautiful. And now it’s time for me to view it the same. We all see others as strong when they reveal their truths, when they have the courage to be raw and authentic, even when it’s with emotions that society may deem ‘negative.’ Now it’s time we start seeing ourselves the same. That our struggles make us strong, wise, beautiful, courageous and give us trials that, if we see them this way, we can turn them into a positive lesson and impart them on the world around us. We can cast our light if we accept our shadow✨💜🐾⚡️🌕

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