Hi there! My name is Dorian Edwards. Since I was little, I have always loved nature, animals and the outdoors. I’m 23 years old making my way around the world, finding the most beautiful places and trying to spread the light along the way. I am a wilderness educator for children and I spend my working days teaching students about themselves, the environment, how to respect and love nature. I do so all around California, taking them canoeing on the Russian River, kayaking in the Channel Islands, hiking in Joshua Tree, and the list goes on. When I’m not working with kiddos, I spend my time traveling around the world or taking road trips to national parks in order to hike the best trails, visit the most incredible sights, learn about life and see the world from different perspectives. I believe the best way to learn is to adventure somewhere new. So I’m doing my best to learn about, love and treat the world with kindness. I love the stories that new places bring and I’ll tell you mine here!!