You Are One Badass Soul

I’ve been trying to be more vulnerable on here lately. Not only in showing my face more, but in the posts themselves. Today I woke up and I felt sad. My life feels wonderful, I just finished Christmas shopping, my birthday is coming up, and yet I still woke up with a lingering sadness. My first thought was that I had no reason to be, I was not allowed to be😬 Now, I grew up denying most emotions besides happiness and joy. Any of them I deemed negative-anger, sadness, frustration-I denied myself the opportunity to feel out of self preservation. Slowly and late in life, I have recently been learning about these emotions🌓And one of the biggest things I have learned is that there doesn’t always have to be a reason, but just because there isn’t, doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to feel them. I have heard from some spiritual people that we humans are all badass souls because we were put on this earth to experience an entire gamut of the most difficult, and at times most rewarding, emotions🌎So feel them. That’s what we are here to do. If you need to cry, cry! If you need to scream, give it all you’ve got💥You are not defined by your emotions, especially the fleeting ones. The ones that make you not want to leave your bed that day, the ones that make you so angry you might explode, the ones you don’t even understand. But that’s exactly it. You don’t have to always understand them, but you do have to feel them and once you do, they will pass. I have learned from fighting them for so long that it is the worst thing to do. You are allowed to feel everything🌹There is no right reason, there doesn’t even have to be one. You are allowed to feel them simply because you are human. You are not your emotions, but you are your courage to feel them, your raw authenticity, your willingness to love yourself even when you feel your worst and your strength to turn those tears back into the smile that shines so beautifully on your face. If it’s not there today, don’t worry, I promise it will be back soon. Hold on to that knowing and you can wisely accept any emotion that arises, realizing that it too will pass because you are one badass soul🌈🦅🐺🦋🔥☄🌪IMG_7224